Why Us

Our Strengths Our Uniqueness Your Benefits

Network with Mechanized Trawlers

Daily Catch, Low cost benefit

Highest Quality with the most  economical pricing

State of the art Processing unit

Highest Standard of Operating Procedures

The most hygienic and Fresh Fish & Seafood

Hi tech Web Site & Mobile App

Easy to choose and order on a click

Convenience and hassle free with doorstep delivery.

Exclusive Web Store

Virtual Fish market, Easy to explore

Everyday, Exclusive and Exquisite  varieties at a glance

Logistics and Distribution Network

Geographical locations

Faster delivery and Time bound delivery.

Customer Loyalty Programme

Unique Offers

Discounted Price, Add on benefits, Cost saving

Unique Seafood Combos

Added variety with low price

Satisfaction of taste and appetite.

Trained Manpower Different Cuts and sizes Ready to Cook
Professional Team Expertise in fisheries

Recipes and Nutrition guidance